Angel Food Cake on Plate with Sprinkles and Icing

Angel Food Cake

A classic spring and summer cake, for snacking or serving with ice cream and macerated strawberries.

Chocolate chip cookie with sea salt

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies – or use chunks – using whatever favorite chocolate you like. This is a classic recipe, and one I turn to many times!

Orange Marmalade

Orange marmalade, the good stuff! Full of orange flavor, slightly bitter from natural pith and some lemon action. Do it!

Muffins in a tin in the sunlight

Morning Glory Muffins

Carrots, coconut, pineapple, spices, dried fruit and nuts combine forces in morning glory muffins – a truly glorious treat!

toasted pepitas are sprinkled on top of olive oil and maple glaze on top of the cake

Olive Oil & Winter Squash Cake

Sweet squash, aromatic spices, and sweet glaze with olive oil and maple make for a irresistible cold-weather olive oil & winter squash cake!

Biscotti amongst other holiday cookies on a tray

Almond & Anise Biscotti (plus other holiday cookies)

It’s officially cookie season! Holiday cookie season, to be exact. For me, and my family, there is a strong cookie presence around the holidays. Almond & anise biscotti are a stalwart of the holiday season for me. The hallmark holiday cookie is my great grandma’s butter cookies (rolled, smooshed with fingers, topped with half of… Read More »Almond & Anise Biscotti (plus other holiday cookies)